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NSG wives' welfare association was set up in 1991 to promote the welfare of NSG families.Ever since its inception it has endeavoured towards enriching the lives of NSG families. The accosiation was rechristened as NWYA in Feb 2013. It covered another milestone on 18th july 2013 when NWYA became a registered body with its own logo and moto. NWYA has taken initiatives in areas like health education environment and rehabilitation of diffrenetlyabled children.It also strives to promote art and culture amongst the new generation.

  • The year 2024 is upon us and we at NWYA wish a year that brings joy and happiness peace and tranquility to you your loved ones. Looking back on the past three years it has indeed been a wonderful and fulfilling journey with each one of you in NWYA. Our journey together started right in the midst of the pandemic through sickness and in health we have tried persevered succeeded to a large extent in making the lives of our NWYA members better and happier.We should be proud of whatever we have achieved big or small. What matters is the effort we all put in to make a difference. NWYA has contributed effectively towards Shree Anna Millet Festival Mission Life and Unplastic India. Our care for the environment has borne dividends in the form of a MOU with Blue Planet.We have brought out three excellent NWYA magazines highlighting our welfare activities from 2021 to 2024.Last year we named our magazine SANGHAMITRA celebrating the relationships we nurture and the bonds that bind us within NWYA. Henceforth the name SANGHAMITRA remains constant no matter what unique bonds and experiences each year brings.In addition to our endeavors we have initiated NAVKRITI an inhouse Art exhibition exclusively for NWYA members witnessing an outpouring of enthusiastic participants and diverse talents. This creative showcase has indeed added a vibrant dimension to NWYA.Furthermore embracing the literary spirit NWYA proudly launched a NWYA BOOK CLUB fostering a shared love for reading and intellectual exploration among our members. Our special children at PRERNA DEVELOPMENTAL CENTER continue to motivate and inspire us all with their remarkable progress irrespective of the challenges they face. NWYA is truly honored to have hosted some renowned motivational and inspirational speakers like Shri Gaur Gopal Das Smt Arunima Sinha World's first female amputee to scale Mount Everest and Dr. Jaya Row an influential speaker on Indian philosophy. Their insightful talks have enriched our collective wisdom and inspired us to new heights.On a personal note I feel a sense of contentment and satisfaction for whatever we have tried to do for the betterment of our NWYA members in the past three years.There is still a lot we can do but I am confident that our NWYA members will continue to work hard to make lives easier for everyone. As Helen Keller aptly said ALONE WE CAN DO SO LITTLE TOGETHER WE CAN DO SO MUCH ..Wishing everyone a bright happy 2024.

  • Sandhya Ganapathy

    President, "NWYA"

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